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iMotions is the premier software to collect and analyze human behavior data through biometric sensors. With the iMotions software, Shimmer users can control the entire experimental process, and gain a deeper understanding and insight into human behavior.

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Since 2013 iMotions software has integrated with the Shimmer3 GSR+, Shimmer3 ECG and Shimmer3 EMG sensors. The iMotions software platform lets researchers integrate best-in-class biosensors, eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG and Surveys in one unified solution. With iMotions software Shimmer users can gain further insights into their data in a single, easy-to-use, and validated platform. The additional data processing features available for Shimmer. GSR+, Shimmer3 ECG and Shimmer3 EMG users is outlined below.

Shimmer3 GSR+

Measure emotional arousal through skin conductivity

Electrodermal activity (EDA, also known as galvanic skin response; GSR) measures the activity of the autonomic nervous system. Our level of emotional arousal changes in response to the environment we’re in – if something is scary, threatening, joyful, or otherwise emotionally relevant, then the subsequent change in emotional response that we experience also increases eccrine sweat gland activity. EDA / GSR serves as a valuable index of emotional arousal as it offers insights into a respondent’s underlying physiological and psychological processes.


Automated EDA/GSR analyses

Quantifying moments of increased physiological arousal allows you to better understand the impact of stimuli.
Through open-source R Notebooks, iMotions provides automatic EDA peak
detection, as well as epoching and aggregates of binned data, helping you to fully evaluate the effect of the stimulus.




Quickly and easily assess emotional intensity

Researchers are already using the iMotions EDA/GSR module to:

  • Measure cognitive load in education
  • Investigate food craving regulation
  • Explore player experience in VR games
  • Investigate the effects of sleep deprivation
  • And more


Shimmer3 ECG

Electrocardiography – read the heartbeats

ECG (electrocardiography) is a method of collecting electrical signals generated by the heart. This allows us to understand the level of physiological arousal that someone is experiencing, but it can also be used to understand psychological states.
The rhythm of the heart changes in response to the environment, beating with more or less intensity, consistency, or change in speed. Driven by the autonomic nervous system, ECG is a clear, non-invasive method for investigating human behavior. The data provides information about both physiological and emotional states.


Analysis beyond beats

The heart is quantified in more than just beats – heart rate variability is associated with emotional regulation, social skills, and cognitive processes, and is automatically calculated as part of ECG analysis in iMotions. Synchronize ECG with a range of sensors to get a deep understanding of how the heart changes – and is changed by – reactions to stimuli.



Assess psychophysiological status with ECG

Researchers are already using the iMotions ECG module to:

    • Measure responses to educational messaging
    • Test wine packaging
    • Explore audiovisual effects within gameplay
    • Predict driver performance in automated vehicles
    • And more



Shimmer3 EMG

Learn from muscle movements

Electromyography (EMG) records the movement of our muscles through bursts of electrical activity generated by muscle contractions. EMG allows for a better understanding not only of muscle movements and activity, but also to investigate their association with certain emotions and behavioral outcomes, including through sensitive measurements of facial muscles with facial electromyography (fEMG).



More than skin deep

The iMotions EMG Module integrates multiple EMG devices from BIOPAC and Shimmer for flexible data collection options. For example, with iMotions you can monitor EMG from several muscle groups around the body at the same time, detect facial muscle movements (fEMG) in VR, or open up even more possibilities by pairing with the iMotions API or other biosensors. The flexible software connects, records, and live visualizes data, and is a complete experimental suite for EMG.



Measure the body and the face

Researchers are already using the iMotions EMG module to:

  • Measure physiological responses of maritime officers
  • Validate affective expressions
  • Test the influence of price on purchase decisions
  • Explore emotional expressions in response to advertisements
  • And more


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