Engaging with the Research and Education Community

Since our inception, Shimmer has developed close partnerships and contact with Research and Education community and users of the Shimmer platform. Our relationships are guided by our core values including an openness which we believe facilitates truly innovative collaborations.

Close contact with Research and Education professionals allows us to fully understand the community’s needs for scientific reliability, flexibility, and leading technological capabilities in a demanding and constantly evolving environment. It also allows us to gain insight and feedback into potential requirements, helping to guide the future direction of our technology and services.

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University of Pisa

Imperial College London

ETH Zurich

Oxford University

University Collage Dublin

Newcastle University


University of South Florida

Harvard University

Johns Hopkins University

University of Toronto

University of North Carolina

MIT Media Lab

University of British Colombia

Mohawk Collage


Hong Kong University

Spark Neuro

National University of Singapore

University of Malaya

Beijing SYG University

Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science


Monash University

University of New South Wales

High Performance Sports, New Zealand

University of Auckland

University of Technology Sydney


Universidade de Sao Paulo

Universidad de Antioquia

Universidade Federal do Parana

Fundacion Julio Ricaldoni


University of Johannesburg

University of Pretoria