NeuroLynQ is revolutionizing neuromarketing by making it easy and practical.


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A turnkey system for understanding the emotional response of a group in real time.

NeuroLynQ is a complete solution which, using scientifically validated GSR and ECG data, provides unique insight into the unconscious reactions of a large group of people simultaneously.

Utilizing Shimmer's award winning, scientifically validated sensing platform, GSR and ECG data capture are merged within a single sensor. NeuroLynQ can be configured to measure the emotional response of an audience of up to 45+ people simultaneously.

NeuroLynQ Benefits
A flexible platform for understanding the emotional response of an individual or group in real-time.
Easy to use
Aggregate metrics are based on the % of the audience who are responding. The aggregating and segmenting the results is easy to use.
Cost Effective
Typically costs less than a single study from a full-service Neuromarketing firm. NeuroLynQ by Shimmer also offers rental and service options.
Analysis can be carried out in real-time. A video with a trace is available immediately upon completion of data collection for the analysis.
NeuroLynQ can be used for a quick real-time read on audience response or to collect the highest quality raw data of audience at higher rates.
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New Launch


In March 2021, Shimmer launched NeuroLynQ@Home, a remote psychophysiological monitoring system, allowing participants’ emotional responses to entertainment and marketing materials to be evaluated from the comfort of their own home.

NeuroLynQ@Home is transforming neuromarketing research by enabling remote biometric research. For the first time, you can perform studies without bringing participants into a central location or going to them. Biometric research can now be performed at large scale with large samples and geographic diversity performed rapidly and affordably. High quality biometric research is now as easy as an online survey.


NeuroLynQ@Home retains all the core features of NeuroLynQ.

Collect quality biometric signals right from the participant’s home.
All data collected is automatically uploaded to a secure cloud based server, allowing researchers to collaborate and perform their analysis in almost real time.
Data from multiple participants can be easily synced to provide aggregated qualitative and quantitative datasets.
Intuitive setup process for the participants makes data collection in the home easy.
Standard costs such as renting a facility, travel and logistics are reduced to zero.

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