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User Guide

Consensys User Guide

Explore the Consensys User Guide for any additional help.

User Manual

Hardware User Guide

Find relevant User Manual or Hardware User Guide of Shimmer Products.

FAQ's Section

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ's section for most common support queries.

If you cannot find an answer or solution to your question, our engineers are happy to help, within the scope of our support policy.

Shimmer platforms enable a wide variety of researchers to explore a variety of applications including wearable sensing and wireless communication. We are committed to transparency in explaining how our systems work, what they can and cannot do, and why, and providing and actively maintaining a huge body of product documentation. Obviously, these assets cannot substitute for dedicated training or appropriate technical staffing.

We provide guidance-by-example. We provide all customers with tools to validate the capabilities of our products upon arrival.
Support does not include:

  • support for 3rd party hardware, software, mailing lists or web content.
  • writing or debugging customer applications and deployments.
  • detailed explanations of the engineering principles behind our software and hardware.
  • support for systemic problems beyond the scope of the actual shimmer devices and existing systems software (IT issues, computer operation).
  • support for customers whose conduct fails to meet professional standards.

Occasionally we engage in more interactive support or consulting. Interactive support is a customer courtesy and provided at our discretion. It does not invalidate the support policy described above. There is no guarantee of performance, timeliness, or establishment of a continuous support relationship. Consulting is subject to acceptance of a formal statement of work.

Full Support policy can be found here.