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Shimmer’s wearable sensor platform and equipment allows for simple and effective biophysical and kinematic data capture in real-time for a wide range of application areas. Designed to be robust, flexible and configurable, Shimmer’s wireless sensor technology provides high quality scientifically reliable data to support researchers and academics in their data collection.

Our sensing platfrom is also widely used to provide a proof of concept tool to those looking to develop commercial sensing applications. In addition Shimmer provides services to develop customised sensors and applications to fit particualur requirements. Please visit our Services page to learn more about our capabilities in this area.


                         Unit                What it Measures
Shimmer3 IMU 9 DoF inertial sensing
Shimmer3 ECG ECG, EMG*, Respiration, 9 DoF inertial sensing
Shimmer3 EMG EMG, ECG*, Respiration, 9 DoF inertial sensing
Shimmer3 GSR+ GSR, PPG, 9 DoF inertial sensing
Verisense Activity & Sleep 6 DoF intertial sensing, activity & sleep metrics
Shimmer3 Bridge Amplifier Load, Weight, Force, Torque, Pressure, 9 DoF inertial sensing
PROTO3 Deluxe Unit

Integration and prototyping of 3rd party sensors, 9 DoF inertial sensing

*EMG and ECG cannot be measured simultaneously on a single unit.

Software and APIs

Shimmer provides a range of advanced and enabling software applications to support users of the Shimmer platform. Our advanced software, including our flagship software, ConsensysPRO, allows users to quickly configure Shimmer for data acquisition, storage and display of sensed data from multiple Shimmers simultaneously. In additon common data processing algorithms and realtime event markers can be applied to the data. 

Our enabling software allows users to quickly configure Shimmer for data acquisition, storage and display of sensed data captured from a single Shimmer unit.

Furthermore Shimmer makes available APIs in C#, Java and Android as well as development drivers in MATLAB and LabVIEW to allow for the further development of applications with the Shimmer platform.


Shimmer firmware is available open source on Github.

First time Shimmer Users

We advise all first time Shimmer users to purchase a Development Kit initially to ensure they have all the tools and equipment required to get started with Shimmer.