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Real-Time Neuromarketing. NeuroLynQ is a flexible platform for understanding the emotional response of an individual or group in real-time.

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A turnkey system for understanding the emotional response of a group in real time.

NeuroLynQ is a complete solution which, using scientifically validated GSR and ECG data, provides unique insight into the unconscious reactions of a large group of people simultaneously.

Utilizing Shimmer’s award winning, scientifically validated sensing platform, GSR and ECG data capture are merged within a single sensor. NeuroLynQ can be configured to measure the emotional response of an audience of up to 45+ people simultaneously. NeuroLynQ is easy to use and non-technical persons can be trained to use the system and run studies.

Live Screen showing audience second by second response
Red = High Response. Yellow = Some Response. Blue = No Response

NeuroLynQ was custom designed with the worlds leading market research agencies and provides the following:

  • Live GSR and/or ECG Heart Rate data
  • Logged raw data is available for deeper custom analysis. Can be exported in .csv or MATLAB formats
  • Real-time aggregated metrics based on the percentage of the audience who are responding
  • Multiple data collections can be easily aggregated to build bigger sample sizes
  • Segmenting across different demographics
  • Event markers allow for highlighting key moments of interest
  • Data trace can be overlaid on source content for easy to understand output to clients, example here

Examples of previous studies utilizing NeuroLynQ can be found here.

Have questions about NeuroLynQ, please Contact Us with some details on your use case.

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NeuroLynQ 10 Sensor kit + 1 Year license, NeuroLynQ 10 Sensor kit + 2 Year license, NeuroLynQ 10 Sensor kit + 3 Year license, NeuroLynQ 15 Sensor kit + 1 Year license, NeuroLynQ 15 Sensor kit + 2 Year license, NeuroLynQ 15 Sensor kit + 3 Year license, NeuroLynQ 6 Sensor kit + 1 Year license, NeuroLynQ 6 Sensor kit + 2 Year license, NeuroLynQ 6 Sensor kit + 3 Year license


Easy to Use

Aggregate metrics are based on the % of the audience who are responding. Aggregating and segmenting the results is easy

Cost Effective

Typically costs less than a single study from a full-service Neuromarketing firm. NeuroLynQ by Shimmer also offers rental and service options


Analysis can be carried out in real-time. A video with a trace is available immediately upon completion of data collection


NeuroLynQ can be used for a quick real-time read on audience response or to collect the highest quality raw data at higher rates



NeuroLynQ has been used by leading market research firms to understand the effect of stimuli on a large audience.

In addition NeuroLynQ has also been used in the academic world as an easy to learn tool to help students understand the impact of biometric data.

Key applications for NeuroLynQ are outlined below:


Monitor individual and aggregate responses of a
group of participants in real-time. A simple status
screen tells you who is responding and who isn’t.
Multiple sessions can be aggregated to build a
quantitative sample size.

Example Applications:

  • Focus Groups
  • Product Testing
  • Mock Jury Trials
  • Ad Testing
  • Concept Testing


Obtain a quantitative sample of 30-45 people in
a single session with results provided in real-time.
Summary metrics for stimuli are available
immediately after the session. Multiple sessions
can be aggregated for segment analysis.

Example Applications:

  • Video Ad Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Movie Screening
  • Still Images


NeuroLynQ has its own dedicated website, NeuroLynQ.com, with many resources giving further details on the system.

Notable resources include:

Turnkey Services

We will bring all the equipment and supplies, collect the data, and even provide interpretation support – all for a reasonable day rate.

Pricing based on number of days and maximum number of simultaneous participants. Includes:

  • All equipment and consumables
  • Study design consulting
  • Technical support to run the equipment
  • Standard metrics to evaluate the content delivered

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