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The Consensys Bundle Development kit is an ‘all in one’ solution which enables you to experience the full sensing capabilities of our Shimmer3 platform which includes the complete set of our Shimmer sensors, hardware & software.

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The Consensys Bundle Development kit is an ‘all in one’ solution which enables you to experience the full sensing capabilities of our Shimmer3 platform which includes the complete set of our Shimmer sensors, hardware & software.

This kit is a great option if you are looking for flexible plug and play functionality with multiple signal options. It enables you to collect all the signals available on Shimmers platform such as IMU (9DoF via accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter), ECG, EMG, GSR and PPG.

The kit includes the following sensors:

◉ Shimmer3 IMU

◉ Shimmer3 ECG

◉ Shimmer3 EMG

◉ Shimmer3 GSR

◉ Shimmer3 Bridge Amplifier+ 

With the Bundle kit, you receive all the necessary hardware and accessories to ensure you can begin collecting your sensed data immediately.

Additional equipment includes:


18 in Biophysical leads & 9in Biophysical leads

ECG / EMG Electrodes & GSR Electrodes


The Consensys Bundle Development kit also includes 2 annual licences for Shimmer ConsensysPRO software which enables you to manage your sensors along with your data (one license per one windows PC). ConsensysPRO is designed for:

◉ Adaptive human data collection.

◉ Rapid design and prototyping of wireless solutions.

◉ Rapid semi-automated data collection.

◉ Synchronization of multiple Shimmer devices.

◉ Access to raw and clinically validated data.

ConsensysPRO software has significant features including a seamless transfer of data from your sensor to your PC, quaternion algorithms for online and offline use and PPG and ECG to HR algorithms. Both logging data to your Shimmer’s SD card and streaming via Bluetooth are now supported by Consensys.

Consensys Base

Consensys hardware Base works with the Shimmer3 sensors including ECG, EMG, Galvanic Skin Response, Optical Pulse and Heart Rate and which boast unrivalled performance levels and processing power. In developing the Consensys Hardware Base, we focused on adding value to your data collection process. The Base is available in 15 Shimmer configurations, for the simultaneous management of all your Shimmer Sensors.

Shimmer Embedded Features

◉ Wireless and robust body worn sensors.

◉ Raw and clinically relevant output of inertial and biophysical data, simultaneously.

◉ Clear status and activity indication.

◉ Accurate inter-sensor synchronisation.

◉ Synchronisation with complimentary systems via real-time clock configuration.

◉ Quick snap straps for rapid set up.

◉ Simple and intuitive unified graphical software for Windows.

◉ Downstream USB port for dock chaining and future peripherals.

◉ Designed for ease of use in research projects, repeatable clinical trials, system integration and product development


This product provides developers with a comprehensive tool-set to support rapid design prototyping and implementation of wireless solutions based on the state of the art Shimmer3 platform.

Please contact our sales team to find out more about prototyping and product developments.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Features & Benefits

The Bundle Development Kit supplies researchers and developers with the necessary supports to realise market ready wireless solutions.

◉ Best data quality – Integrated altimeter and 9DoF inertial sensing via accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, each with selectable range.

◉ 9D0F Motion sensing via accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter.

◉ Five wire, four lead ECG solution, measuring bipolar limb leads and user’s choice of V1-V6.

◉ Measure two channels of EMG data with a common reference electrode.



◉ Software configurable right-leg drive for common-mode interference rejection.

◉ Software configurable amplifier gain and data rate.

◉ Respiration demodulation capability on-chip.

◉ Lead-off detection capability on-chip.

◉ Test signal on-chip for validation purposes.

◉ EEPROM storage device enables expansion board detection and identification, as well as 2032 bytes of data storage available to user.


◉ Shimmer3 IMU x 1

◉ Shimmer3 ECG x1

◉ Shimmer3 ECG x1

◉ Shimmer3 GSR x1

◉ Shimmer Base15 X 1

◉ 100x ECG Electrodes

◉ ConsensysPRO license x 2

◉ Straps

◉ GSR Electrodes

◉ 9in Biophysical Leads

◉ 18in Biophysical Leads

◉ Calibration stand

◉ Alcohol swabs.




◉ Affective computing and cognitive factors

◉ Connected/ digital health solutions

◉ Fatigue Analysis

◉ Atrial Fibrillation

◉ Neuro Rehabilitation

◉ Orthopaedics

◉ Sports technique performance and medicine

◉ Stress Detection and Analysis

◉ Emotional Engagement

◉ Psychological Arousal (Mental Effort, Excitement, Shock)

◉ Relaxation Training and Psychotherapy

◉ Marketing Research

◉ Human Health Monitoring

◉ Activities of Daily Living

◉ Connected Health Solutions

◉ Sports Science

◉ Structural Monitoring

◉ Intelligent Buildings

◉ Environmental and Habitat Monitoring

◉ Muscle Activity, Gait, and Posture Disturbance measuring muscle activity, states, reaction time, and step phases

◉ Biomechanics and Muscle Activity

◉ Tremor Analysis

◉ Veterinary Science

◉ Ergonomics