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External Expansion Board

External Expansion Board

External Expansion Board

The Expansion Board allows easy prototyping of third party sensors or custom sensing solutions with Shimmer.

*Must be connected to the Shimmer platform to be operational

The Expansion Board enables an analog sensor, a digital output sensor, a Serial UART, or a Parallel Bus Interface to connect to Shimmer. The Expansion board is connected to Shimmer via the external connector pin, and is positioned outside the Shimmer enclosure.

The Expansion Board enables users to incorporate additional functionality to the Shimmer providing an outlet to develop their specific application to their own user requirements.

Features & Benefits

Rapid Prototyping and Application Development

  • The Expansion board provides easy access to Shimmer microcontroller signals using wired hole or solder pads
  • Facilitates the connection of self designed or third party sensors for rapid prototyping, and instantly benefit from Shimmer’s wireless sensing capability
  • It has a software assignable user control button
  • It can facilitate connection to an auxiliary power supply

Raw Data Capture

  • Transmit data to a host in real time with the Shimmer device
  • Stored data locally for a later upload of data captured
  • Shimmer Functionality: MSP430 microcontroller (8mHZ, 16 Bit), Bluetooth – RN-42, 802.15.4 radio - TI CC2420, Integrated 2GB micro SD card, 450mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, stylish enclosure, wearable and highly configurable to user/developer’s specific needs.


  • 1 x Expansion Board

Expansion Board Specifications Overview:

  • Easy access to Shimmer microcontroller signals using wire hole or solder pads
  • +/-5VDC charge pump regulator with software-controlled enable pin
  • Software assignable user control button
  • Connect an auxiliary power supply


  • Prototyping of third party sensors
  • Developing custom wireless sensing applications
  • Connecting an external power battery pack
  • Code: SH-ANEX-PCBA


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