ShimmerCapture/Shimmer C# API

ShimmerCapture/Shimmer C# API

ShimmerCapture/Shimmer C# API

ShimmerCapture/Shimmer C# API

The ShimmerCapture application allows users to display and save data received from Shimmer devices. The application allows the configuration of a range of parameters on the Shimmer3.
ShimmerCapture also works in conjunction with the Shimmer3 LogAndStream firmware to allow simultaneous streaming of data over Bluetooth and logging of data to the on-board microSD card.

"The Shimmer C# API is the source code upon which ShimmerCapture was built and is available to all Shimmer customers from our Downloads Section."

Shimmer Capture LogAndStream Activity

Shimmer Capture GUI Indicators

The current release of ShimmerCapture is available for use in Microsoft Windows and in Linux environments.


• Bluetooth enabled host device running Windows 7 or later. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required.
• Product documentation includes pre-requisites for Linux.

• MicroSD Card:

• Up to 32GB capacity (2GB for Shimmer2/2r)
• Must not be an XC (eXtended Capacity) card.
• Must support 1 bit SPI mode
• See Shimmer3 MicroSD Media Guide for more details.

ShimmerCapture Streaming


• Single Shimmer currently supported (no synchronisation).
• Event markers not available.

Features & Benefits

• Simultaneous logging to SD card and streaming over Bluetooth
• Fully configurable sampling
• Improved plotting interface
• Add, remove and zoom functionality with value visualization for graphed signals.
• Export data in raw or calibrated format to a tab delimited text file.
• 3D visualization and orientation estimation in quaternion format using Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer
• On-the-fly calibration of Gyroscope while streaming


Download / Documentation

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