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Shimmer Java/Android API

Shimmer Java/Android API

Shimmer Java/Android API

The Shimmer Java/Android API allows for Shimmer data to be streamed directly to Android devices.

The solution will permit Shimmer users to easily interact, configure, stream, display and log data on Android devices. The purpose of the API is to reduce the development time of Shimmer developers on the Android operating system. Built on top of the Android Bluetooth Library, the driver’s object orientated design allows easy integration with other libraries.

The API has been extensively tested on Android versions up to 10.0.

Key features of the Shimmer Java/Android API include:

  • Object orientated solution for Shimmer data streaming, display, and logging with Android devices
  • Provides full configuration functionality of a set of features including:
  • Sampling rate, accelerometer range, enabling/disabling sensors
  • Simultaneous data capture from multiple Shimmer units
  • Battery monitoring/Low battery notificaion
  • Support for stored ECG and EMG calibration values
  • Auto calibration of data
  • Extensive documentation including how to install and develop Shimmer based applications for Android OS
  • Example UI Applications: Shimmer Graph, Multi Shimmer Graph
  • Example Applications: Shimmer Example, Multi Shimmer Example, Shimmer Log Example, Shimmer Service Producer Example, Shimmer Receiver Example

3D Orientation Functionality

  • 3D orientation estimation in quaternion format using Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer
  • On-the-fly calibration of Gyroscope while streaming
  • Further Support for LogandStream firmware - now allows configuration of the magnetometer (Range & Sampling Rate)
  • Visualization of 3D orientation (see image below)

Watch a short demo of the Multi Shimmer Graph UI application under the videos tab.


The Shimmer Java/Android API is now available to download via the Software downloads section of our website (membership required) Link

Download Software Webpage

The Shimmer Java/Android API manual is freely available to download


Example Android UI Application: Multi Shimmer Graph Example Android UI Application: Multi Shimmer Graph
Shimmer Air Drums Demo Shimmer Air Drums Demo

Download / Documentation

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