Optical Pulse Ear-Clip

Optical Pulse Ear-Clip

Optical Pulse Ear-Clip

Optical Pulse Ear-Clip

The PPG-to-HR Ear Clip is an alternative way to derive PPG-to-HR from the Shimmer3 GSR.

The Clip is connected to the fleshy part of the earlobe and the Shimmer3 GSR Unit for best quality signal.

The ear lobe optical pulse circuitry includes an on-board amplifier and filter circuit for initial conditioning of the signal. Please contact Shimmer if you require further information. A sample data set for the ear lobe PPG is included in our Consensys software application and can also be found here.

Features & Benefits

  1. Now derive Heart Rate from alternative position on the body, the earlobe
  2. PPG signal will be converted to an estimate of heart rate (HR)
  3. Good Quality PPG signal


GSR+ can be used in the below applications:

  1. Affective Computing and Cognitive Factors Research
  2. Stress Detection and Analysis
  3. Emotional Engagement
  4. Psychological Arousal (Mental Effort, Excitement, Shock)
  5. Relaxation Training and Psychotherapy
  6. Marketing Research
  7. Weight and Nutritional Management


Download / Documentation

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