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Shimmer Research Wins 2020 Best of Sensors Award for its Verisense Wearable Sensing Platform

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Nov. 17, 2020 – Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, today announced that its Verisense™ wearable sensing platform, which was developed specifically for clinical trials, has been awarded the 2020 Best of Sensors: Most Innovative Product Award in the Wearables category. Shimmer received this honor yesterday afternoon during the virtual Awards Ceremony at Sensors Innovation Week Fall (

The 2020 Best of Sensors: Most Innovative Products Awards were judged based on the product’s value to the marketplace, impact of the problems it solves or issues it addresses, and the uniqueness of its design.

“I am proud to accept this prestigious 2020 Best of Sensors: Most Innovative Product Award on behalf of our entire Verisense development team,” said Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas. “Verisense was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of all clinical trial stakeholders – sponsors, clinical research organizations (CROs), site staff and participants – while placing minimum burden on each of them. By collecting complete, raw biometric data and offering a six-month battery life, the Verisense platform distinguishes itself from other wearable digital health products that have largely focused on meeting consumer needs, blending health tools and applications into user-friendly smartwatches,” Mr. Gill added.

“We were impressed by the high quality of the entries this year, which I think is a reflection of the rapid rate of innovation that is happening in the sensor ecosystem today,” said Karen Field, Group Content Director, Sensors and Fierce Electronics. “Choosing one winner from each category out of so many great entries was truly a difficult task. Congratulations to Shimmer’s Verisense platform. Worn on the wrist, the sensor captures continuous digital biomarkers remotely and has the ability to provide clinically validated data for up to six months, continuously. This allows restarting or initiating new clinical trials in a safe, seamless manner while ensuring required compliance.”

Verisense Highlights

Verisense sensors can be worn continuously by clinical trial participants for up to six months without charging. They can be worn on the wrist or on another part of the body as required by the study protocol. Verisense has a lightweight, low-profile design that is water-resistant. Data from the sensors are automatically uploaded each day to a secure cloud-based server and end-to-end encrypted without any action required by the participant.

Verisense technology is transformative for clinical trial sites because their staff can set up a new study participant on the platform in less than five minutes. Compliance best practices begin immediately. Email notifications serve as status alerts for each participant. The site and participant are both alerted if a sensor is not being worn correctly, the base station is unplugged, or the sensor’s power is running low.

The sensor has up to 44 days of memory on board, ensuring that sites are not burdened with short-term data disruptions and they can gain access to the data whenever required.

From the sponsor’s or CRO’s perspective – Verisense captures continuous raw data for all the trial metrics, providing the ground truth that regulatory agencies look for during the investigative period. It also delivers maximum data reliability and advanced trial management tools for easy use and increased data accessibility, transparency, and security.

Verisense analyses are also conducted using predominantly open, validated algorithms to ensure that its insights are actionable, and any data anomalies can be investigated. It also permits investigators to combine data across multiple studies saving time, money, and staff resources.

While the Verisense platform has many positive attributes, its ability to provide medical researchers with access to trial participants’ raw, unadulterated biometric data is probably the most important. The algorithms used to interpret movement will be refined and improved over time. But if clinical researchers have access to the raw data, they can reanalyze them using the new algorithms and update their results accordingly. This allows a database to be built that evolves over time and becomes increasingly valuable.

Interested parties can learn more about Verisense and the medical wearables market when Martina Donohue, marketing manager at Shimmer Sensing, presents “Wearable Technology Moving to Medical” at the IEEE First International Workshop on Wearable Sensors and Devices, Artificial Intelligence and Wearable Markets. This session will be held from 6-6:30 p.m. CET on Thursday, Nov. 19. More information about this complimentary IEEE workshop can be found at

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