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IVP Research Labs, Schlesinger Group, and Shimmer Research Launch New Turnkey Service


CAMBRIDGE, MA – March 22, 2021 – Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, announced that it is expanding its partnership with IVP Research Labs and Schlesinger Group to include a turnkey [email protected] service. IVP and Schlesinger have worked with Shimmer technology for years in central locations. Recently, Shimmer, IVP, and Schlesinger announced a more formal NeuroLynQ service offering for central location studies. The [email protected] service provides a remote biometric monitoring system, allowing participants’ nonconscious emotional responses to be evaluated from the comfort of their own home.

[email protected] measures galvanic skin responses (GSR) or changes in sweat gland activity, and heart rate using a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor, which uses light absorption to measure changes in blood volume in their capillaries. These indicators are used to provide moment by moment assessment of the participants’ emotional response to whatever stimulus they are being exposed to, including video, websites, gaming, and even ethnographic studies.

IVP and Schlesinger will provide a turnkey service to recruit participants according to the client specifications, manage the logistics of getting the sensors to and from the participants, and ensure that they complete the study in a timely manner.

“Shimmer was interested in finding partners who could provide turnkey services for custom studies that did not fit into standard panel specifications. IVP and Schlesinger are uniquely qualified to provide this service. Schlesinger is a premier provider of field services in North America and Europe, and IVP is a premier provider of technology services for field work. Shimmer is very excited to work with two of the premier research firms in the world to launch [email protected] Out of the gate, we can provide top-notch turnkey services,” said Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas.

“IVP already provides a NeuroLynQ service in central locations. The [email protected] service takes it a step farther and provides a seamless service to do in-home biometric research,” said Bob Granito, president of IVP.

“We also see this service as a low barrier-to-entry starting point for customers who are evaluating setting up their own [email protected] panels,” indicated Gill. “It allows them to offer a service and test the market before they set up their own panels.”

Technology Overview

[email protected] is easy to use. Each panelist simply attaches the NeuroLynQ sensor to their wrist, the PPG sensor to their index finger and GSR electrodes to their middle and ring fingers. Velcro wraps hold each piece comfortably in place. A Bluetooth dongle inserted into a USB port on their computer transmits data in real time from the [email protected] sensors to the researcher’s network for analysis. Results are clear and easy for researchers to interpret.

Additional information about the new [email protected] system can be found at

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