Verisense by Shimmer is the one wearable sensing platform which provides a comprehensive and flexible solution to capture accurate and complete biometric data reliably and with minimum patient, site and sponsor burden.

Shimmer's technology and services have been trusted for over 10 years by thousands of researchers at top companies, universities, and research institutes in over 75 countries. Unlike other sensing providers, Verisense has been designed specifically for clinical trials. 

It allows for continuous remote monitoring of participants’ activity and sleep, with minimum burden on both the participant and the site. It includes a clinical trial management platform with full integration options for sponsors, so you can seamlessly manage your participant data. 

Verisense outputs raw data, as well as providing peer reviewed algorithms for activity and sleep. It has maximum data reliability utilizing data quality assurance tools. Additionally, we can work with you to integrate our software into your current EDC (electronic data capture) or clinical trial management platform.

Through a number of strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our clinical research customers access to data sets and algorithms that can develop endpoints for a wide variety of disease states.

How Verisense works

The Verisense IMU sensor records the trial participants’ activity and sleep data onto an SD card within the sensor. Once this is in range of the base station, an Android device usually placed in the participants bedroom, an automated download to the base station begins. This is done via a password protected Bluetooth connection. The base station then performs and automated data upload to the AWS server through a local WiFi or cellular connection.

The AWS server then relays that data to the web interface at the relevant trial sites, anywhere in the world. This web interface shows the raw data, as well as analyzed data using peer reviewed algorithms for providing sleep and activity metrics.

All data from the participants’ sensor to the web interface is anonymized. Only the site managers will have the corresponding participant and sensor IDs.

Verisense is unlike other wearable sensors

Existing wearable platforms have been built to primarily serve the consumer and research markets. They can be used in a makeshift manner for Clinical Trials, but generally the same difficulties tend to reoccur which increases the risks of non compliance.

Verisense is the first wearable solution built specifically to solve the current issues standard wearables experience when it comes to use in clinical trials.

  • Battery Life - With up to 6 months battery life, the trial participant can wear the Verisense IMU 24/7, they never have to remove the device. The battery can also be replaced easily for extended trials periods.
  • Water Resistant - The sensor can be worn when showering and bathing.
  • Display Data - Users do not have access to any data, which could disrupt their regular routines thus preserving the integrity of the data captured.
  • Uploading Data - Once the sensor device is within range of the Verisense Base Station, data is automatically uploaded. No action from the user required. The sensor’s SD card also has 44 days worth of memory, so a participant can easily travel without affecting the trial data.
  • Integration - Verisense integrates into a full featured Clinical Trial Management Software platform, or Shimmer can help integrate into a platform of client's choice.
  • Data Quality - Shimmer has long been recognized for the quality of data our platform outputs and our Verisense solution is no different. All of our raw data and peer reviewed algorithms for sleep and activity meet the standards necessary for clinical research.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides continuous raw data
  • 24/7 data coverage
  • Minimum participant burden
  • Minimum site burden
  • Up to 6 months battery life
  • Multiple features for ensuring data integrity
  • Advanced remote management features
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Can be worn 24/7, even while showering


Verisense includes

Verisense IMU sensor

  • Interchangeable bands and cradle for flexible styling
  • Automatic data encryption and upload
  • Impact resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Replaceable battery with up to six-month life
  • No charging
  • No touch operation
  • General purpose Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Verisense Base Station 

  • Collects data whenever sensor is in range
  • Automatic data upload via cellular or WIFI
  • Alerts participant and web server to issues
  • Simple site setup
  • Designed to be placed and forgotten
  • Links multiple sensors

Verisense Cloud 

  • Monitors all sites at a glance
  • Able to drill down to specific sensors
  • Can send messages to sites and directly to Base Stations
  • Generates activity and sleep metrics from peer reviewed algorithms


Download / Documentation

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