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Multi Shimmer Sync for Android v2.x

Multi Shimmer Sync for Android v2.x

Multi Shimmer Sync for Android v2.x


With the understanding that many users require data capture solutions which allow for greater mobility we now offer Multi Shimmer Sync for Android. Multi Shimmer Sync for Android is a mobile device based application which allows for the configuration of and synchronised data capture from multiple Shimmer units.

The application is ideal for users looking to develop applications where simultaneous data capture from a number of units is required, and interpretation and analysis requires the data to be synchronised with a high level of accuracy (synchronisation error of the order of milliseconds).

With a range of features and data capture tools users can select sampling rate, detect and notify of dropped packets, save and load application settings for future use, annotate data, and name Shimmer units to ensure functionality, efficiency, and ease of use in data capture.

The application is limited to use with 7 Shimmer units as this is the upper limit for Bluetooth radio communication with a single radio dongle. However the number of Shimmers which can be supported by the application depend on a number of factors such as the sampling rate, the number of data signals being captured, and the processing capabilities of the Android device.

Download a copy of the software for evaluation (allows you to stream, plot and log from multiple Shimmer units - product registration is required to use the full application and is provided at the time of purchase). Evaluation users should note that full logging functionality is not provided with actual sensor data replaced with dummy values at random in the log file.

Additional features and functionality

  • Shimmer State User Interface Indicators to show if units are ‘Connected’, ‘Connecting‘, ‘Streaming’, or ‘Disconnected’
  • Name Shimmer units for application specific reference, which is reflected in the saved file
  • Multi Command options to reduce configuring and controlling multiple Shimmers
  • The option to save both raw and/or calibrated data
  • The user can select any number of signals they wish to view on the real-time plot using a clean user interface
  • This application is supported on Android 2.3.3 (SDK 10) onwards


  • Users can purchase one of three types of licence for the Multi Shimmer Sync application
  • Individual License: Software use is restricted to the single, designated Named User
  • Group License: Software use is restricted to a maximum of 20 individual computers within the organisation that purchases the License
  • Organisation License: Software use is restricted to an unlimited number of computers within the organisation that purchases the License

Read the full licence agreement here.

We now have designed a Development Kit and software bundle that allows you to benefit from the best price possible. Navigate to the 'bundles' on our shop page to find out more

Features & Benefits

Core Features Include:

  • Synchronised data capture from up to 7 Shimmer units to a single file
  • Internal Time Stamp Sync method, which will approximately align data packets from multiple Shimmer units to when they were sampled in real time.
  • Data stored in a tab delimited text format (files compatible with Microsoft Excel, Open Office, MATLAB and most standard data manipulation programs).
  • Includes a verified .m script for loading data directly into Matlab
  • Controls to configure each Shimmer
  • Configure features such as sampling rate, enable/disable sensors and set accelerometer range
  • Packet Reception Rate monitoring
  • Monitor data using real-time plot
  • When the application is streaming data the real-time plot can be used to view the data from one or more signals
  • Save and load application settings
  • This allows the user to save the settings for their particular experimental set-up and quickly reload the settings into the application when they resume their data capture session.
  • Annotate Data with pulse marker and level marker

*All units can be reset simultaneously via the Shimmer Multi Charger – this will allow for simultaneous reset of the internal clock.


1 x Multi Shimmer Sync for Android Application*

*Three licence types available: Individual, Group, Organisation. To read the full License agreement please download the document via the link in the description tab.


Multi Shimmer Sync for Android Multi Shimmer Sync for Android


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