Development Engineering Manager

Start Date: May 29th, 2017

1. Development Engineering Manager

Reporting directly to CEO, The Development Engineering Manager will have full responsibility for the strategic planning and development of the Shimmer product range – including Software, Hardware and Firmware on our Technology Roadmap. This is a senior management role and is critical to the future growth of Shimmer. It’s a new role reporting into the CEO.

Head up the team responsible for:
• Software engineering.
• Hardware engineering.
• Firmware engineering.
• Data processing and analytics.
• Product validation.
• Customer support.
• Documentation.
• Operations.

1.1. Management

• Manage and coordinate all engineering activities, both locally and remotely.
• Manage recruitment for engineering roles, including university internship programme.
• Performance reviews with each member of the engineering team, identifying strengths and areas of high performance, ensuring clear goals are identified and highlighting areas for improvement.
• Lead technical strategy and roadmap planning, for both long and short term engineering efforts.

1.2. Communications

• Manage the communications between the Engineering and Marketing/Sales teams ensuring effective communication, coordination of activities & goals, and consistency in the information being provided to customers.
• Manage the communications contact between Shimmer and RTT, for items related to operations, logistics, quality control, and engineering.

1.3. Technical

• Provide focus and direction to the Engineering Team.
• Grow the Team in response to market and client requirements.
• Own and develop Shimmer's rolling Technology Roadmap.
• Manage and guide our clients along the Usage Path of Shimmer's Technology.
• Become an IOT Wearables technology leader in the global IOT ecosystem.

1.4. Customer

• Develop realistic project scope and statement of work agreements for engineering contract services.
• Attend trade shows and conferences to promote Shimmer among research and enterprise communities and to keep informed of the latest developments in the relevant industries and research fields.
• Liaise with academic partners to collaborate on research and commercialisation projects.
• Support Marketing/Sales teams in providing pre-sales technical information to prospective enterprise customers.

1.5. Deliverables

Expected Deliverables include:
• Deliver strong technological advancements and achievements as per Shimmer's Technology Roadmap.
• Successfully Lead and Manage the Engineering Team to deliver the Technology our customers want.
• Grow the Engineering Team to ensure the development capacity keeps pace with the technological developments in our industry, ensuring customers understand they are at the leading edge of IOT Wearables.
• Develop technology that drives our revenue growth.
A comprehensive compensation package will be offered commensurate with the seniority of this position.

This is an immediate opening with interviews being held over the next two weeks.
Please send your CV and contact details to:
Paddy White at: